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TV Portal Sites

E! Online
Website of the E! network, this website provides gossip columns, message boards, and tidbits drawn from the networks signature television series, E! True Hollywood Story.

Yahoo! TV
A portal site dedicated to the television industry, Yahoo! TV provides breaking news, television gossip, Nielsen ratings info, daily show picks and localised television ratings.

An entertainment portal site run by Tribune Media Services, Zap2it provides access to television listings, Nielsen ratings, basic show information and television news.

TV Publications

Media Week
Mediaweek is a television industry trade publication, providing extensive coverage of issues ranging from regulation of the television industry to the economics of running a station. The “Programming Insider” by Marc Berman is useful for keeping a pulse on how the networks and their individual shows are performing.

The Hollywood Reporter
Another television industry trade publication, The Hollywood Reporter covers many of the behind the scenes deals and negotiations that occur within the television industry. Although only subscribers may access full stories, guests may read synopses of articles.

TV Guide Online
The website of the most well known television publication, this website not only provides localized TV listings, it also includes show recommendations, viewer polls, television news and gossip and in-depth articles. Be sure to check out the “fun and games” section for some television inspired amusement.

TV Criticism, Reviews and Resources

Dedicated to providing comprehensive coverage of primetime and daytime television, this website offers an abundance of information. Topics covered range from daily news and tips to a “today in TV history” section to show recaps with pictures, in addition to extensive Nielsen rating information. If you have ever dreamed of being a television network executive, check out the fantasy teevee game, where you can compete against other players in creating and programming your own network schedule.

Jump The Shark
The title of this website refers to the the infamous Happy Days episode in which Fonzie jumped a shark – the moment at which many viewers believe Happy Days had reached its peak and started on a downhill path. The site builds on this concept and allows users to vote on the moment or episode when any television show “jumped the shark.”

Reality TV Links
An impressive collection of links to fan websites created for virtually every reality TV show.

Sitcoms Online
A site dedicated to situation comedies (sitcoms) of past and present. For each show links are provided to standard resources such as episode lists and fan sites. For many shows, this site provides audio and video clips from show openings, as well as allowing fans to voice their opinions on individual message boards for each show.

Cynical and humorous commentary and insites on varied aspects of television and individual shows and networks. Columns are written by a variety of college graduates who refer to themselves as Vidiots. Content includes both longer articles and shorter thoughts referred to as “station breaks.”

Television Without Pity
A website with attitude (lots of it), Television Without Pity “gives people a place to reveal in their guilty televisual pleasures.” Although it only follows selected shows, it provides extremely detailed recaps of these shows including scathing commentary on lot deficiencies, character development and continuity issues.

TV Barn
Run by Aaron Barnhart, TV critic at the Kansas City Star, this site includes musings, both criticism and praise, on recent occurances in the television industry.

Although primarily a resource for those seeking jobs in the television industry, TVSpy’s free “ShopTalk” feature is useful for staying abreast of the latest buzz and rumors flying about the television industry.

TV Tattle
TV Tattle describes itself as “a weblog of news and criticism.” The site provides links to television news and show reviews from newspaper critics and online sources throughout the U.S.

TV Tome
TV Tome describes itself as “an attempt to create the greatest TV episode and actor guide ever,” and does an admirable job of completing this task, with over 1,400 complete guides to television shows and another 2,700 guides partially completed or devoted to shows under development. Resources include full episode guides with air dates, list of crews and actors, a “goofs guide” (continuity errors), and viewer comments.

Broadcast Networks

Cable Networks

Government Agencies and Industry Associations

Academy of Television Arts and Sciences
“Devoted to the advancement of telecommunications arts and sciences,” the Academy is best known for administering the Emmys.

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)
Responsible for protecting the public airwaves, the FCC is the government agency that is directly responsible for policing the television industry, ensuring broadcasters behave in a manner consistent with U.S. law policies.

National Association of Broadcasters (NAB)
A powerful television industry trade association, the NAB “represents the interests of free, over-the-air radio and television broadcasters.” To accomplish this, the NAB lobbies on behalf of its members to influence legislation and seek outcomes favorable to broadcasters in judicial and regulatory matters.

National Association of Television Program Executives (NATPE)
The NATPE’s goal is the furthering of the “quality and quantity of content.” Membership in this association includes individuals responsible for deciding what shows get made and when those shows air.

National Cable and Telecommunications Association (NCTA)
The NCTA is the trade association of the U.S. cable industry. Frequently at odds with the NAB, the NCTA represents both cable operators and cable networks in attempting to create favorable regulatory environment for cable operators and networks.

Parents Television Council
The Parents Television Council is a group focused on family values in television and pressures television networks and advertisers to consider family values in television. The Council tracks violence and other unwholesome acts in primetime television shows and periodically releases findings, in addition to publishing a weekly list of the “best” and “worst” shows according to its standards.

Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association (SBCA)
The SBCA is the national trade association for the consumer satellite industry and lobbies to obtain and maintain equitable treatment of the satellite industry.

Syndicated Network Television Association (SNTA)
The SNTA is composed of television program syndicators and advocates the benefits of syndicated television while representing the interests of its members in matters of importance.

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